This past weekend was full of sewing. My husband offered to cook Saturday and Sunday night! (He made this delicious salmon wrapped in basil with vegetables out of the oven). So I had more than enough time to sew and do other crafty things. Here's an overview of my productive weekend!

I even finished another Fall mug rug and a little extra to send along with that mug rug, but I won't show that until my partner has received it in the mail!
Recipe folder for a colleague
A folder to put recipes in, decorated with decopatch, for the anniversary of a colleague.
All my colleagues added one of their own recipes to the folder.  
Tea box decorated with decopatch
With the leftover decopatch I decorated my wooden tea box.
A pincushion for myself!
Left is after, right is before
I wanted to change the cushions on my dining room chairs for a while, but after three years I finally started. Hooray! One down, five more to go!!
While fall is just around the corner, I'm hoping that summer is still coming! We've had so much rain and cold weather this summer. I guess that I really hope that we'll have enough sunny days this Fall to make up for the bad summer.

This mosaic was inspired by Rachel (Stitched in Color) and the Halloween/Fall Mug Rug Swap on Flick.


Filled with all those lovely ideas I decided to sew some fall items, such as mug rugs, pillows, etc.

This is my first mug rug! The second one is coming soon! When my mug rugs are finished I'm going to start working on a few pillows for on my boring brown sofa.

Celebrate Color
One of my colleagues is expecting a baby soon. I'm so excited for her and decided to make her a little present. It is little baby blankie, with a piece of rustling foil inside. It seemed a bit girlie to me, but she wouldn't tell us if it will be a boy or a girl!
The last few weeks I've been busy basting and hand quilting my big black and white quilt. It will take me a few weeks, maybe months, but I'm sure that it'll be worth all the work.

Yesterday I found this treasure at a second hand store. It is a book from 1976 with sewing and quilting patterns! Some of the patterns for skirts, dresses and tops are very cute, but this little outfit for a boy is very outdated!