While fall is just around the corner, I'm hoping that summer is still coming! We've had so much rain and cold weather this summer. I guess that I really hope that we'll have enough sunny days this Fall to make up for the bad summer.

This mosaic was inspired by Rachel (Stitched in Color) and the Halloween/Fall Mug Rug Swap on Flick.


Filled with all those lovely ideas I decided to sew some fall items, such as mug rugs, pillows, etc.

This is my first mug rug! The second one is coming soon! When my mug rugs are finished I'm going to start working on a few pillows for on my boring brown sofa.

Celebrate Color

Oh my goodness... LOVE your mosaic. It's just stunning the way you've mixed nature shots (like that owl!!!) with creations. Thanks so much for sharing and for joining in with Celebrate Color.


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