It is my day in this 60's/batiks bloghop. First I have to tell you that I wasn't even around in the 60's! I was born in the 80's!! But the 60's are an inspiration to me! In clothes, flare jeans, bold prints!
This mug rug I made last year for a swap, inspired by a VW van.
A year ago I made these pillows with batiks. I decided to make a few extra smaller pillows to go along. Let's hope for a few sunny days in Fall, so that we can use these pillows!!
It has been a great week. Finally I took some time for cooking and quilting. I finished a baby quilt, for charity. Hopefully it won't 'bleed or beard' when I wash it this coming weekend.
My quilts always have red or pink in them. The fabrics in the middle, I received in a scrap swap. It turned out quite good. I should work with yellow more often! I love it! The problem is, I tend to buy mostly pinks and reds. Hmmm... I guess that I should go fabric shopping ;-)
Today I made these spinach feta pastry bites. They turned out great! I found an recipe in English. It is almost the same as the Dutch one I used, except for the egg yoke and sesame seeds I put on the top. As we would say: eet smakelijk!
Is it already September? Where did the time go? I wanted to share a few snap shots of my latest projects. I am really trying not to start anything big. I take sewing lessons, so I make a lot of clothing. I made a drawer of UFO's and want to finish a lot before I cut up all these new fabrics I got for my birthday and on holiday.
Although I can't start anything big, I can still participate in small swaps ;-) This pouch I received from Jera and I sent the wallhanging to Jan.
When Mdm Samm announced a new embroidery blog hop, I knew I had to participate! I love embroidery! 
Baby embroidery

This is little shirt a gift for one of my friends who has had a baby recently. I added a personal touch. The pattern was found on Pinterest. On this stitchery board by Julie are so many cute patterns for all sort of occasions.

Baby embroidery close up

Last blog hop I talked about searching for a new couch and the need for new pillows. The first couch has arrived and this blog hop was a good reason to start on another pillow.

New couch and a new pillow!

When the embroidery patterns arrived, Nana's chair seemed perfect for this. Adding buttons, some fabrics and a knitting basket, instead of  the mannequin next to the chair. I'm quite pleased with it :)

Thank you Debbie for sharing this pattern with us and thanks to Jane and mdm Samm for hosting and being great cheerleaders this blog hop.

Pillow close up 1
Embroidery pillow
Here are a few snapshots of what I've received from Australia and what I'm working on these days. At a workshop I learned how to make 'quilt stitches' with invisible thread with my sewing machine. I bought a spool of that thread right away. The rainbow fabrics are for the Modern Scrappy Bits Swap and the embroidery is for the Stitch me up blog hop. Both are going to be so much fun!
In this world today I don't find it easy to live as a christian. The bible tells me certain things about womanhood that seem so different from what other sources seem to tell me.

This message by Susan Hunt really helped me. Hopefully it'll be helpful to you too.

Enjoy and be blessed this Sunday!
A new couch needs new pillows don't you think. I know that we're only LOOKING for a new couch and haven't bought one yet, but I better start sewing some pillows so that they are finished when the couch arrives ;-)
This urge to make pillows was a great reason to join this blog hop. I'm not finished yet, but this is what I came up with. 
Inspired by this beauty made by Rachel, I started to draw and cut letters, paper piece music notes and make some embroidery. What do you think?
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Wednesday, January 16

This post is a little late.... Not much blogging and sewing went on in this house in December. Since I found these books and by now I've already finished two!

I did however made a purse! The matching coin purse followed in January. Before the holidays I joined a few swaps, a Mug rug swap and a Christmas ornament swap. I also joined in on the bloghop at StashManicure: In Your Words. More about that tomorrow....

Seven days of coin purses! This is day 6.  Have you seen all the beauties? Please check them out here! And if you want to make your own, the pattern is available here.
This is what I've made. A little coin purse with small pockets inside for bankcards. Next time I'm buying a bigger purseframe and make a slightly bigger purse. Unfortunately I don't have time to make it, because I started my Christmas sewing early!
Do you know the feeling that you don't want to put your mistakes on your blog? I surely do! Katie hosted 100 quilts for kids at her blog Swim, Bike, Quilt. Her goal was to inspire others to make charity quilts for children in need. I really intended to participate and I made this butterfly quilt.
Before sending it off it was washed and this is how it turned out! It bearded so much. I guess the wool-cotton batting that was used came out and shows very much on the dark red. This picture was made after most of it had been taken off.
It just doesn't feel right to send it of to a charity for children. So I decided to keep it as a lap quilt. Oh well.. I really like the colors and the butterflies and he likes it too!