My first mosaics is made out of all my sewing projects in 2011. I'm curious to find out what 2012 brings!! I have a few ideas for new sewing projects, but I'm also starting a new job in February! How exciting! Whatever the future holds I know that nothing can separate me from the love of Christ. Isn't that a great promise to hold on to?
_My second mosaic is for the Blogger's choice contest  at Quokka Quilts.

If I were ever asked to make a Blogger's choice fat quarter bundles this would be it:
_It took me so long to put one together. When I thought that I had finally narrowed it down to 13 prints, the colors didn't really jump out! So I went back and changed a few prints here and there. This is the final result. What do you think?

If you would like to make your own, go over to Quokka Quilts. It is so much fun!!

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