The front and the back.

Drinking tea is my favorite waste of time! I love all sorts of tea. Black tea, mint tea,... I guess I like (almost) all kinds of tea.

Another love of mine are pink flowers. Those two combined are the main reason for my beautiful tea cup collection. I have collected a few cups here and there, mainly in thrift stores. My husband can't stand to buy 'other people's junk', but I always seem to find a few treasures. 

Here is a picture of the tea cozy that I have made for my tea pot to keep it warm.

The only things missing in this picture are the scones, muffins, sandwiches and what not! I found some great recipes on Pinterest and Flickr that I would love to give a try.

I guess the only thing I need to do now is, invite girlfriends over and enjoy a good cup of tea with some sweets and other bites.


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