Pinterest has some real interesting recipes. Today I tried out White vegetable lasagne 'cupcakes' by Emily on EmilyBites I didn't use a cupcake tray, but two mini cooking pots. It turned out great!

Something that didn't turn out the way I expected is, was Crockpot honey sesame chicken by Nikki, Chef in training. The meat was tasty, but a bit hard. I didn't quite stick to the recipe, since I don't own a crock pot. I would like to give it another try, because it sounds so great! Check out her other recipes. They sound and look amazing!


I also got a little bit of handquilting and binding done on my butterfly charity quilt. Most of the quilting was done with my machine, but the butterflies are handquilted in a different color, so it shows on the back.

I only need to quilt two more butterflies and attach a label, then I can send it off to a local charity,  (And start something new...wink)


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