Do you know the feeling that you don't want to put your mistakes on your blog? I surely do! Katie hosted 100 quilts for kids at her blog Swim, Bike, Quilt. Her goal was to inspire others to make charity quilts for children in need. I really intended to participate and I made this butterfly quilt.
Before sending it off it was washed and this is how it turned out! It bearded so much. I guess the wool-cotton batting that was used came out and shows very much on the dark red. This picture was made after most of it had been taken off.
It just doesn't feel right to send it of to a charity for children. So I decided to keep it as a lap quilt. Oh well.. I really like the colors and the butterflies and he likes it too!
Since it is almost summer it was time to make new pillows for my chairs outside.
For the centers I used Passion Lily Fern Green, by Amy Butler, and Blue Rose Garden, by Patricia Bravo. The stripes are made out of a Batik Bali Pop, Kiwiberry.
My cat already claimed one! He always gets the best seats...
I’m entering this project in to the Summer Sewing Contest:

Ellison Lane Quilts
Yesterday I didn't get a chance to make pictures. My six cushions are finished!! I'm so pleased with the results. I finished some more projects and I worked some more on my big quilt. The hand quilting doesn't go as fast as I would like to.
Completed projects:
- Side swap (for Wendy): Fall mug rug swap

- A small acorn to go with the two mug rugs
(I couldn't find a pattern for it, so I combined a pattern from the Moda Bake Shop and a picture of a fabric acorn that I found online)

- Six cushions for my dining room table

- Tilda pillow in brown and pink

Ongoing progress:
- Black white quilt

No progress:
- T-shirt quilt
- Restore an old quilt, made by my husbands grandmother

My last project were all brown, grey and black. I want some color now!! Maybe I'll start with a bag in blue and red or a pink quilt. Maybe a quilt in blue and green or some lovely pillows. I have more than enough ideas, if only I had more time to finish it all!

I'm working at two quilts at a time, but there aren't ready enough to be shown to the world.

While I quilt, my cat Mo is sleeping in my husbands quilt. His grandmother gave it to him. It's starting to fall apart, but he won't let me throw it away!!