Seven days of coin purses! This is day 6.  Have you seen all the beauties? Please check them out here! And if you want to make your own, the pattern is available here.
This is what I've made. A little coin purse with small pockets inside for bankcards. Next time I'm buying a bigger purseframe and make a slightly bigger purse. Unfortunately I don't have time to make it, because I started my Christmas sewing early!
Do you know the feeling that you don't want to put your mistakes on your blog? I surely do! Katie hosted 100 quilts for kids at her blog Swim, Bike, Quilt. Her goal was to inspire others to make charity quilts for children in need. I really intended to participate and I made this butterfly quilt.
Before sending it off it was washed and this is how it turned out! It bearded so much. I guess the wool-cotton batting that was used came out and shows very much on the dark red. This picture was made after most of it had been taken off.
It just doesn't feel right to send it of to a charity for children. So I decided to keep it as a lap quilt. Oh well.. I really like the colors and the butterflies and he likes it too!
I love Fall and I love, love, love these cookies! I found this recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Give it a try, it is worth it!

I didn't use canned pumpkin puree, because I can't find that in the stores here. I used this recipe to make my own.

Happy Fall! :)