1. Danish people are very friendly, are always willing to help and speak English very well!
2. Denmark has lovely beaches and beautiful country side.
3. It is easy to rent a bicycle and explore Denmark from the bicycle paths. (You reach places where cars aren't allowed.)
4. There is always a beach nearby!
5. The capital city of Copenhagen is a interesting city. The historical center is compact and can easily be visited on foot or bicycle.
6. Denmark has a lot of history and they are proud of it! For example one of the royal residences, build in 1606, has been a museum since 1838 or Stevns Fort, a Cold war fort build in 1953 to keep an eye on the Russians in the Baltic sea.
7. Lego is from Denmark and is sold everywhere! Even in this 'candy store'! (My husband particularly liked this)
The picture in the middle is at Hugo's bar. The picture is from the website www.hugo.dk.
8. Something we really enjoyed: music is everywhere! On the streets, in restaurants...even on our campsite!
9. They have Hytters! Very cute little cabins for rent on campsite, when you don't like to camp in a tent or camper.
The picture to the left is the patchworkstore Patchwork Butikken (Patchwork Boutique) in K√łge. The picture comes from the website Boutique 4 Quilters www.b4q.typepad.com. The picture in the middle is the patchwork shop Chenille in Nykobing. The picture comes from their website www.chenille-patchwork.dk.
10. Patchworkstores are everywhere!! (I was very aware of the fact that I have enough fabrics already and the car was packed with camping gear, so I only bought one big piece of background fabric. I'm so proud of myself!)

(11. It is always good to be back home and sleep in your bed and take a shower in your own bathroom!)