When Mdm Samm announced a new embroidery blog hop, I knew I had to participate! I love embroidery! 
Baby embroidery

This is little shirt a gift for one of my friends who has had a baby recently. I added a personal touch. The pattern was found on Pinterest. On this stitchery board by Julie are so many cute patterns for all sort of occasions.

Baby embroidery close up

Last blog hop I talked about searching for a new couch and the need for new pillows. The first couch has arrived and this blog hop was a good reason to start on another pillow.

New couch and a new pillow!

When the embroidery patterns arrived, Nana's chair seemed perfect for this. Adding buttons, some fabrics and a knitting basket, instead of  the mannequin next to the chair. I'm quite pleased with it :)

Thank you Debbie for sharing this pattern with us and thanks to Jane and mdm Samm for hosting and being great cheerleaders this blog hop.

Pillow close up 1
Embroidery pillow