There are so many inspiring and creative blogs out there. Here is my top 5:
1. Raising homemakers, although I'm not raising children, I do want to serve the Lord and my husband with my home and my homemaking. This blog puts that in a good perspective. I love their post about Queen of your home.
2. Film in the Fridge, Ashley makes the most beautiful modern quilts! Look at her latest mini quilt. Isn't it lovely?!
3. Aimee writes her blog at HomeSpunThreads, home...where your story begins. She writes about faith, crafting, homeschool and about her boys. I enjoy her biblestudies about marriage and her views on organizing your home (I really need that ;).
4. In His Grace, art for your soul. Chrissie is a true artist! Her paintings are full of color and of her faith. Awesome!
5. Coco Rose Diaries. Vanessa shares her love for vintage, home makes, all things pretty and crocheting. Her work makes me think about picking up some wool and crochet needles again!